About Syngulon

Syngulon is developing original genetic technologies to improve the efficiency of microorganisms (also called microrefineries) involved in industrial bioproduction. During the recent years development of microbial bio-based products has emerged. These new applications require deep genetic engineering (also called Synthetic Biology) of industrial microbial genomes to achieve high production yield and improve compatibility with the environment due to production in (semi-) open plants.

The vision of Syngulon is based on 2 facts:
1. Tools developed initially for sequencing human genome economically become accessible
2. Need for new technologies to meet the specific constraints in industrial biotechnology

The mission of Syngulon is to provide genetic technologies in order to make microbial strains involved in industrial process more efficient and safe.

Therefore Syngulon has started to generate a patent portfolio of genetic technologies focusing on the control of industrial microrefineries to solve:

1. Genetic Security (industrial microbes will not duplicate in another manufacturing plant)

2. Yield increase by industrial Genetic Bio-control (industrial microbes of interest will dominate in the production fermentor)

3. Contamination prevention: protection of the micro-refineries against microbial invaders

4. Genetic Safety or gene containment (industrial microbes will not be able to reproduce in the environment)